Tax Planning & Preparation

Chuck McGrath is an independent CPA, MBA, CFP® practitioner with many years of excellent experience and academic background in taxes, investments, teaching, financial analysis and systems development.  He has advised a wide variety of individuals, families, retail stores, service businesses and manufacturing operations concerning tax, retirement, estate, financial and accounting matters. Some of the specific services our firm provides are:

  • Income Tax Return Preparation
    • Preparing tax returns for any US state
    • Efficiently compiling complicated income tax returns
    • Personally meeting with clients
    • Answering questions promptly
  • Estate Planning
    • Developing asset transfer plans
    • Assisting with appropriate estate tax documents
    • Working with complex trust arrangements
  • Financial Management
    • Disseminating advanced tax planning advice
    • Calculating annual required minimum distributions
    • Preparing and monitoring family budgets
    • Designing retirement plans